Saturday, October 28, 2017

Steak Night: A full meal deal

What happens at Steak Night stays at Steak Night! Lions Tom Stark and Dennis Tesch share an air smooch.

Chuck Weaver took on the task of preparing the steaks (and this is a picky group!). As usual, Poulsbo Lions gathered at the Masonic Hall in Port Gamble for the event. Behind Chuck are Tom Settle and Dennis Deitch.

Jay and Sandi Dahlquist

Herb and Elda Armstrong

Karen Reitan

John and Dori Swokowski

Lynnea Heerman

The Swokowskis dishing up salad and baked potatoes with Sandi.

 Dick Prine

Billy Jo Settle and niece Jan Kelly

Sherri and Pat Burch with Sue Weaver

Dennis Deitch, Larry Linn and Ken Rury

 Pat Osler and Dennis Deitch


Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Viking Way litter pick-up

7 Poulsbo Noon Lions showed up this morning to clean up Viking Way for the first time - Eric Thanem, Denise Zaske, Sherri and Pat Burch, Carol Ryan, Pat Osler and Terry Blais. Fun finds include a sock, underwear, a Slinky and a bandana. We filled 7 bags of trash and now Poulsbo is prettier!

Carol Ryan

A happy crew of Lions

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Armstrongs donate 471 lbs of produce

Elda & Herb Armstrong are close to exceeding their last year’s total of 471 lbs of beautiful homegrown produce! They’re at 390 pounds donated so far this season, “with more squash and pumpkins on the way,” according to Elda. Stunning dahlia bouquets are always included in their donations! Many thanks, Herb & Elda!!

Starting to garden

Reitan hits membership milestone