Monday, February 18, 2013

Norseman gets flag for Presidents' Day holiday

Photo by Lion Lynnea Heerman
Poulsbo's Norseman got his first Lions flag during the Presidents' Day holiday. Our Lions, led by Dick Prine, set up and take down flags more than a dozen times throughout the year, rain or shine.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Burch named Lion of the Quarter

King Lion Ginger named Lion Pat Burch Lion of the Quarter for all that he's done for the fourth quarter of 2012 at the Feb. 14 lunch meeting.
Burch also received a key from Lions International for bringing in two new members - the Colpitts.

Lions improve drainage around Fishline building

Photo by Lion Lynnea Herman
A Fishline volunteer noticed rain water coming into the building on Thanksgiving, while she and others were serving a community meal. So volunteers recently mobilized to clean out the gutters and clear out wandering blackberry vines on the roof of the building. Poulsbo Lions took on improving the drainage around the base of the building, constructing a large drain in back to catch the constant hillside run-off. This photo was taken February 9.

Lions Dick Prine, Jim Stark, Dennis Peters, Tom Settle, Charlie Weaver, Kent Lord,
Matt Alvarado and Jake Prine put in 40 hours total on the job, working in cold, muddy conditions to save the building. A safe walkway was also installed on the left side of the 3rd Street building.

Starting to garden

Reitan hits membership milestone