Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Flag goodwill brings our club an additional $800

Lion Dick has spearheaded our club flags project for years. Every holiday, rain or shine, the flags are put up early and taken down later. This time around, the downtown merchants association paid for the downtown flags, sending our club a check for $2,000. Since many merchants had already paid individually for their flags, Lion Dick went to each one and offered a refund. With the exception of only four merchants, the rest said to keep their check as a donation to our club, which amounted to $800.

Our club is working on writing a letter to the editor of the North Kitsap Herald to thank and name those businesses for their contribution.

Lion leaders

Poulsbo Lions Beth and Pat attended a Lions leadership training in February in Gig Harbor.

Lion Pat is currently the club's 2nd vice president. Lion Beth is with the Evening Pride Club.

Club float brings in $500 and great publicity

Competition was stiff for the floats entered in the Clearwater Casino's Fat Tuesday competition for nonprofits in mid-February. Entry was by lottery. With 20 spots available, we were fortunate to get one, which assured our club of $500.

Lions Jim, Pauline, Beth, Tom, Karl and Dottie with our float.
Our Poulsbo Lions Club was given a red wagon to decorate with a Mardi Gras theme featuring the club activities. Lion Dottie chaired the committee, with help from Lions Pauline and Beth, and Lion Chuck's wife, Sue. We got some great publicity, thanks to the wonderful photos of our projects showing our Poulsbo Lions in action.
Lion Pat helped get high school shop boys to build a base for the float. Nine Lions spent 178 hours constructing, decorating and transporting the float to the casino. Lions Chuck, Tom and Jim helped with transportation.

Our club didn't garner enough votes during the week of February 15-21 to win. Casino employees judged the floats during a parade on the evening of the 21st, which saw Lion Dennis pulling the float with a contingent of Lions following (Bev and Dale, Lynnea, Pauline, Dottie, David, George, Nancy, Beth and Erika).

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Wanted: Place to hold annual Pancake Breakfast!

The Poulsbo Lions Club is in need of a place to hold its annual Pancake Breakfast.
Last year, the club held it in the parking garage under the new City Hall. In the years prior to that, it was held in the Armory - now a parking lot itself.

The breakfast is held the weekend of Poulsbo's May Viking Fest. It features pancakes (of course), sausage, eggs, coffee and orange juice. Proceeds from the breakfast go to local students in the form of scholarships.

If you know of a place that is in Poulsbo and can hold a fairly large number of people, please contact Lion Pat at (360) 692-1436 or (360) 471-1572.

Starting to garden

Reitan hits membership milestone