Sunday, December 25, 2016

Armstrong makes his noon program fun(ny)!

Lion Herb Armstrong shares a funny story (he has many) at the last Poulsbo Noon Lions meeting of 2016. Please join us any Thursday of the New Year at noon for a wonderful lunch/program.

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Bellringer Fund nearing half-way mark

Today, we're at $17,160 for the Poulsbo Lions/Raab Foundation Bellringer Fund - almost halfway to our $40k goal. Won't you help us surpass the halfway mark by Christmas? The Bellringer Fund makes so many NK families' lives easier each year. Thank you!

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Bellringer Fund hits $9,920

As of this morning, Dec. 15, our Poulsbo Lions/Raab Foundation Bellringer Fund is at $9,920. Please think about donating in the name of a loved one for a one-of-a-kind Christmas gift. Donations may be made online (see right-hand column on this page) or dropped off at The Herald office near Poulsbo Village Shopping Center. All funds are used to help the needy in North Kitsap. Thank you!

Mason-Todd receives award at noon meeting

Greta Mason-Todd, a Poulsbo Middle School student, came with her mom to today's noon meeting. Greta's Peace Poster won our district and is at the next level of competition (Multiple District 19). Today, she received this certificate and will also receive $50. Great job, Greta! Also in the photo is President Kent Lord (left) and Lion Karl Ostheller.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Shields earns zone chair excellence award

Past Zone Chair Ginger Shields received the Lions Club International Zone Chairperson Excellence Award Dec. 1 from past district governor Al Hedstrom (now president of the Silverdale Sunrise Lions Club) for 2015-2016. Congratulations Ginger!

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Torvik roars for 50+ years

Neil Torvik (left) is celebrating 50 years in Lions! He was recently feted at a noon meeting with a certificate and pin handed to him by club President Kent Lord.

Saturday, November 26, 2016

PMS student's peace post wins district

Poulsbo Middle School’s Greta Mason-Todd has won the District 19C Peace Poster Contest, and the right to represent District 19C at the next level of judging. Her poster will now compete at the Multiple District 19 level.
Approximately 40 19C cabinet members voted during the Nov. 21 cabinet meeting to determine the winning poster.
Greta’s sponsoring club is the Poulsbo Lions Club. Karl Ostheller is the club’s Peace Poster Contest coordinator.
Way to go Greta!

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Victoria getaway fund-raiser nets $1,289

Congrats to Koleen Kelley on winning our Poulsbo Noon Lions' Victoria Getaway! Koleen's ticket was drawn earlier this month. She works for the North Kitsap School District and Lion Chris Willits (also NKSD Assistant Superintendent) sold her the winning ticket!
Lion Steve Calhoun's wonderful fund-raising idea netted $1,289 for our activity fund! Many thanks to our top ticket sellers - Kent Lord, Sandi Dahlquist, Dennis Peters and Elda Armstrong.

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Newest part of Fish Park boardwalk ready in time for Salmon Day

Nine Lions worked on the Fish Park boardwalk for five hours Oct. 23 to get it ready for Salmon Viewing Day Oct. 29. Working Lions were Dick Prine, John Macdonald, Steve Calhoun, Larry Linn, Karl Ostheller, ChuckWeaver, Kent Lord, Scott Puhn, and Joe Stenstrom, with help from Dick's grandson, Zander.

Monday, October 24, 2016

NKHS Leos sign up 100+ for blood drive

On Oct. 21, the Leos held a blood drive where they signed up over 100 students and collected 74+ units of blood.

Leos bring in food and blood for October

Photos courtesy of Karl Ostheller

Our high school Leos Trick or Treated for Fishline Oct. 22, collecting 433 pounds of food.

On Oct. 21, the Leos held a blood drive where they signed up over 100 students and collected 74+ units of blood.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Latest boardwalk addition finished in time for Salmon Days

Photos courtesy of Karl Ostheller

Nine Lions stepped and placed the next to last step in the boardwalk, making it ready for Salmon viewing days on Oct. 29.
We got going around 8:30 and finished for the day at 1:30 PM.  The Lions included Dick Prine, John Macdonald, Steve Calhoun, Larry Linn, Karl Ostheller, Chuck Weaver, Kent Lord, Scott Puhn, and Joe Stenstrom with help from Dick's grandson, Zander.
Pictures attached:  One of the pictures has Tom Nordlie who is the Fishpark Committee chairman.
John Macdonald making the perfect cut.

Steve Calhoun with Tom Nordlie, Fish Park committee chairman.

Joe Stenstrom, John Macdonald, Dick's grandson Zander and Steve Calhoun all watch Dick Prine work.

Kent Lord, Larry Linn and John Macdonald chat.

Prine, Calhoun, Lord and Chuck Weaver hard at work.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Friday, October 21, 2016

Lions having fun

Look at all of the happy Lions at the Spokane Lions event Oct. 21!

Friday, October 7, 2016

LEOs help with Girls' Night Out event

The high school LEOS (both North and Kingston) helped with the Girls' Night Out event in downtown Poulsbo.

North Kitsap High Leos earn club excellence award

IPDG Al Hedstrom (third from right) gave NKHS Leo adviser Stephen Nolet (far left) and Leo officers the LCI Leo Club Excellence Award for 2015-2016.
Leo President: Taylor Berry-Maraist; VP: Hope Doherty; Secretary: Tara Battaglia; Historian: Jordan Thompson; Adviser: Stephen Nolet

Lions attending:  District Governor Jan Weatherly, Hedstrom, Zone Chairman Jim Lamb, and Poulsbo Lions Pat Burch, Karl Ostheller, Steve Calhoun, and Joe Stenstrom.

 North Kitsap High advisor Stephen Nolet with Leo officers.

Friday, September 9, 2016

Tickets available for Canadian getaway

Canada, eh? Poulsbo Noon Lions are selling raffle tickets for $5 each for a little getaway to Victoria that includes the ferry, hotel and tea! Contact your favorite Lion for tickets, or leave a message here. All proceeds go right back into our wonderful North Kitsap community. Thanks!

Friday, August 26, 2016

Prine wins Hillbilly Horseshoes Golden Plunger

And the Golden Plunger trophy goes to.... (drum roll, please).... Lion Dick Prine! Prine earned the special plunger AND a Whoopee cushion for his first-place finish in Hillbilly Horseshoes (toilet seats instead of horseshoes) during the Poulsbo Lions Club annual club picnic at Nelson Park Thursday, August 25.

Our annual club picnic features hamburgers and hotdogs, corn on the cob and whatever everybody else contributes!

Dick shows great form while throwing a toilet seat during Hillbilly Horseshoes.

Dick shows off his prizes.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

23 screened for health issues at Fishline lot

Poulsbo Lions Club health screened 23 people at NK Fishline in Poulsbo. If even 1 person identified a health issue it was worth it, despite the 90+ heat. It takes about 7 volunteers per shift and the financial support of many clubs to make this van available to our communities. Lions Herb Armstrong and Ken Rury are shown above with Mike - a volunteer. They greeted people before they entered the unit.

Lion Larry Linn (right) helps with vision screening.

Lion Patrick Burch kept busy.

Poulsbo Lions Jim Schoettler (bottom left), Larry Linn (black polo), Elda Armstrong (back), Ann Best (seated), and Patrick Burch (middle) with Pat and Mike, who drive the unit.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

All aboard the Thea Belle tug boat

Photos by Dottie Ridgeway
Lions and friends set sail for a tug boat ride on the Thea Belle Saturday, August 13. The ride was one of the live items featured at the 2015 Poulsbo Lions Fall Fling Dinner Auction. The group had wonderful weather, fabulous vistas, old ships and lunch.

Starting to garden

Reitan hits membership milestone