Eyeglasses and Sight

Eyeglasses Collection Locations

  • NK Fishline, Viking Ave
  • Pacific Eye Care, 20669 Bond Rd NE
  • Poulsbo Eyecare Center, 19220 8th Ave NE
  • Poulsbo Library, 700 NE Lincoln Way
  • Walmart, 21200 Olhava Way NE
  • Safeway Pharmacy
  • CVS Pharmacy
  • JRO Insurance, 8th Avenue
  • Safeway Pharmacy, 8196 NE State Hwy 104
  • 20-20 Eyecare, 25989 Barber Cut-off Rd
Bainbridge Island:
  • Ace Hardware, 635 High School Rd
  • Bainbridge Vision, 345 Knechtel Way
We can provide Eye Exams and Glasses
Please fill out a form at Fishline Food Bank.

Eye Safety

White Canes - History
Poulsbo Lions turn out in force the first weekend in May to accept donations for those who need it. We ask you to wear a White Cane to help spread the word. We promote eye safety and advertise what Lions may do to help those with vision problems (leader dogs, cornea transplants, eye exams, glasses, research). Many services are provided by the Lions at no cost to the recipient.

Lions Health Screening Unit

The Northwest Lions Eyeglass Recycling Center (NWLERC)

Provide Leader Dogs to allow self-sufficiency

Sight Conservation

Eyeglass Recycling and Distribution for Third World Countries

Eye Bank at the Northwest Lions Foundation for Sight (now SightLife) and Hearing

Information from Lions International about Sight programs

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